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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Latest Tips And Tricks For IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking, Login / Sign in, Signup

Posted by Muji M
1. Install Ad Block on your Web browser:

Nowadays every website puts ads on their sites, IRCIC also shows the ads on their site which contain the images and maybe some Java scripts which slow your every activity in IRCTC website say NGET IRCTC Tatkal booking process.

You have to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser because they are the fastest browser and take very less time to load the websites compare to Internet Explorer.

Please follow the below links to install Ad block on your Web browser.

=> Instal  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

By following the above link install the Ad block on your web browser and block the ads and other Java scripts which slow the IRCTC website.

2. By installing Auto Refresh Plugin: 

It is common that when we wants to book online Tatkal ticket on IRCTC we logged in IRCTC account before 10 AM, but when Tatkal  booking started, we click on sites it shows session expired, It means you need to login again but now it’s very hard to Login during Tatkal timing.

IRCTC generally Logged out your account if you are not using it from last 3 minutes, So if you want to book tickets you have logged into your account before 10 AM and for the solution of “Session Expire Error” I will show you the fantastic way.

There is one plugin available named “Auto Refresh” on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both web browser, This plugin refresh your web pages automatically according to your given time period. Follow the below steps to install the Auto Refresh Plugin.

For Google Chrome Browser:

1) Open your browser

2) Go to the link to install the Auto Refresh Plugin: Click Here

3) Now install the plugin by clicking on Add button

4) After that plugin will install automatically.

5) Now when you open the IRCTC website, you will see the one icon on address bar.

6) Simply click on that icon and set the auto refresh time (In seconds) and click on start.

That’s it after that you will never face the “Session Expire error on IRCTC”

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  1. Its nice blog having smarts tricks of booking tatkal tickets for the passengers of IRCTC who book tatkal tickets online with IRCTC Registration to travel.