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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Indian Railway Started Cash On Delivery (COD) Service On Online Railway Ticket Booking/ Reservation - bookmytrain

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“Cash On Delivery” on Railway E-Tickets

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), better known for changing the face of railway ticketing in India, will for the first time offer the cash-on-delivery payment option for buying railway tickets, will be made available through a partnership with
Unique to India, COD is a preferred method. India has a vibrant cash economy as a result of which 60% of India’s e-Commerce transaction tends to be on “Cash On Delivery”. Security element attached to revealing their card details on websites has often acted as a hindrance to buyers. In addition to this, the process takes time which in turn changes the status of the seat availability while buying through any payment gateway. Indian consumer, in general, is still apprehensive of buying online as this is still an unconventional and non-intuitive way of shopping.
Indian Railway  Cash On Delivery (COD) For Online Railway Ticket Booking/ Reservation Service -IRCTC

Delivering tickets at the consumer’s doorstep by offering the cash-on-delivery option will help consumers without Internet banking and credit cards to book tickets online without depending on travel agents. The service is expected to benefit masses as large share of India's population don't have net banking enabled bank account or cards, it will certainly encourage people who book at railway reservation counters to move to online medium resulting in less traffic at the reservation counters in turn sizable cost saving for Indian Railways and customers – there is cost associated to operate these counters for Railways and the cost to reach out these counters and waiting in queue for hours for customers. The service will be available in more than 200 cities initially

Book IRCTC Online Ticket
. will be the first website to accept cash on delivery for railway tickets. It is an initiative by Anduril Technologies Pvt Ltd, to revolutionize online ticketing by introducing COD payment option - an innovative way to reach out to masses. Based on the performance and success rate, BookMyTrain will also launch voice based bookings to further service the masses making it more convenient told by Anurag Bajpai founder of
The app for BookMyTrain will be available on all variants of mobile to make it more convenient to the users. As there are limited payment options available on Mobile phones, combination of Mobile & COD would further open up direct bookings by passengers at great convenience.

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