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Thursday, April 9, 2015

IRCTC now wakes you up at your destination during journey

Posted by Muji M
Train travelers can now rest soundly without stressing over missing their station as the Railways has propelled another administration which will guarantee that they get a "wake-up call" on their cell telephones 30 minutes prior to the planned landing in their destination. Essentially, another highlight - 'train destination alert call' - has additionally been presented through which travelers will get a ready call 30 minutes prior to the train achieves their destination station.

The administration, a joint activity of the IRCTC and Bharat BPO, is accessible through voice approach Railways enquiry number 139. "The client needs to enter the obliged information, for example, PNR number, station name, STD code of station while ringing 139 for getting the wake-up alert," a senior Railway Ministry official said. Wake-up caution should be made to the traveler 30 minutes prior to the train achieves the station.

Correspondingly, the train destination ready call might likewise be accessible 30 minutes prior to prepare achieves the destination station, he included. As per the official, in the wake of getting all the inputs like PNR and station name on 139, the framework will check current position of the train before sending the ready call. '139', a pivotal train enquiry administration, has experienced transformative changes through the years giving round-the -clock benefits on continuous premise.

One can discover the calendar of train landing or takeoff, current position of train, toll request through dialing 139. One can likewise book a supper on specific prepares through 139, the authority said. 139 client benefit likewise gives data identified with Tatkal seat accessibility, retraction, discount guidelines and stage position.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Indian Railway Started Cash On Delivery (COD) Service On Online Railway Ticket Booking/ Reservation - bookmytrain

Posted by Muji M

“Cash On Delivery” on Railway E-Tickets

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), better known for changing the face of railway ticketing in India, will for the first time offer the cash-on-delivery payment option for buying railway tickets, will be made available through a partnership with
Unique to India, COD is a preferred method. India has a vibrant cash economy as a result of which 60% of India’s e-Commerce transaction tends to be on “Cash On Delivery”. Security element attached to revealing their card details on websites has often acted as a hindrance to buyers. In addition to this, the process takes time which in turn changes the status of the seat availability while buying through any payment gateway. Indian consumer, in general, is still apprehensive of buying online as this is still an unconventional and non-intuitive way of shopping.
Indian Railway  Cash On Delivery (COD) For Online Railway Ticket Booking/ Reservation Service -IRCTC

Delivering tickets at the consumer’s doorstep by offering the cash-on-delivery option will help consumers without Internet banking and credit cards to book tickets online without depending on travel agents. The service is expected to benefit masses as large share of India's population don't have net banking enabled bank account or cards, it will certainly encourage people who book at railway reservation counters to move to online medium resulting in less traffic at the reservation counters in turn sizable cost saving for Indian Railways and customers – there is cost associated to operate these counters for Railways and the cost to reach out these counters and waiting in queue for hours for customers. The service will be available in more than 200 cities initially

Book IRCTC Online Ticket
. will be the first website to accept cash on delivery for railway tickets. It is an initiative by Anduril Technologies Pvt Ltd, to revolutionize online ticketing by introducing COD payment option - an innovative way to reach out to masses. Based on the performance and success rate, BookMyTrain will also launch voice based bookings to further service the masses making it more convenient told by Anurag Bajpai founder of
The app for BookMyTrain will be available on all variants of mobile to make it more convenient to the users. As there are limited payment options available on Mobile phones, combination of Mobile & COD would further open up direct bookings by passengers at great convenience.

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Info From: All India News
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Special Train From Secunderabad To Vijayawada

Posted by Muji M
In order to clear extra rush of passengers, South Central Railway will run Special train from Secunderabad to Vijayawada.

Train No. 07208 Secunderabad to Vijayawada Weekly special train.

Train Basic Info
Name: Secunderabad - Vijayawada Special
Number: 07208
Schedule: Friday
Type: Mail/Express/Superfast
Distance:  196 miles / 314 km
Running Time: 6 Hour(s)30 Mins
Total Stops: 7
Avg. Speed: 48 kmph

Departure Days From Secunderabad Junction Railway Station - Friday

Train arrive at Secunderabad Junction 23:15 (11:15 P.M), departure at 23:30 (11:30P.M)  and it will arrive at Vijayawada next day early morning 5:45 A.M
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Air Asia India Offering Flight Tickets For Just 699/-

Posted by Muji M
Air asia India, with their ultimate offer agenda has announced the outstanding offer of giving away the three million tickets with the lowest fare you have ever seen.

Starting from Rs. 699/- on one-way trip, the offers goes around sneaking the various parts with in India and overseas too named 'Big Sale' which is a part of Malaysia based company.

The air asia in one of their statements has stated that the flights to/from Kuala Lumpur to/from Chennai, Kochi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Tiruchirappalli and Hyderabad has made to the the cheapest as 2599/- and the process is operated by AirAsia Berhad and Chennai to Bangkok flown by Thai AirAsia.

Air Asia invited all the passengers to travel over their service with costly tickets lagging behind the offers as cheap as Rs. 699/- for one-way from Bengaluru to Chennai, Kochi, Goa, Jaipur and Chandigarh and returns too

Tickets can be booked through Air Asia's website from 9th November to 16h November and travel period of the availing offers are from June 10 2015 to January 17, 2016,

Avail the offers and happy flying.
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Latest Tips And Tricks For IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking, Login / Sign in, Signup

Posted by Muji M
1. Install Ad Block on your Web browser:

Nowadays every website puts ads on their sites, IRCIC also shows the ads on their site which contain the images and maybe some Java scripts which slow your every activity in IRCTC website say NGET IRCTC Tatkal booking process.

You have to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser because they are the fastest browser and take very less time to load the websites compare to Internet Explorer.

Please follow the below links to install Ad block on your Web browser.

=> Instal  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

By following the above link install the Ad block on your web browser and block the ads and other Java scripts which slow the IRCTC website.

2. By installing Auto Refresh Plugin: 

It is common that when we wants to book online Tatkal ticket on IRCTC we logged in IRCTC account before 10 AM, but when Tatkal  booking started, we click on sites it shows session expired, It means you need to login again but now it’s very hard to Login during Tatkal timing.

IRCTC generally Logged out your account if you are not using it from last 3 minutes, So if you want to book tickets you have logged into your account before 10 AM and for the solution of “Session Expire Error” I will show you the fantastic way.

There is one plugin available named “Auto Refresh” on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both web browser, This plugin refresh your web pages automatically according to your given time period. Follow the below steps to install the Auto Refresh Plugin.

For Google Chrome Browser:

1) Open your browser

2) Go to the link to install the Auto Refresh Plugin: Click Here

3) Now install the plugin by clicking on Add button

4) After that plugin will install automatically.

5) Now when you open the IRCTC website, you will see the one icon on address bar.

6) Simply click on that icon and set the auto refresh time (In seconds) and click on start.

That’s it after that you will never face the “Session Expire error on IRCTC”
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Ultimate User Agent Switcher For IRCTC

Posted by Muji M
As the name suggests user agent switcher changes the user agent of browser into desired format. Here we use this for tatkal ticket booking. This extension available for both chrome and Firefox browsers.

1. First of all you need to download user agent switcher extension from the below link and install it on your chrome browser.

Download User Agent Switcher

User Agent Switcher

2. Once installed it will be placed beside the wrench menu of chrome browser. Click on that icon and change the user agent to any mobile platform. Here I use android mobile user agent.

3. Logic is simple, we have speed internet connection but it doesn’t work with IRCTC website. So we browse the same website through mobile platform to book tickets quickly.

4. Here we browse IRCTC website in mobile platform with pc internet connection.

I want to tell you that there is no any guarantee about this method. There is only 50-50 chance but you will give it a try.

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Railway Tatkal Ticket Booking / Reservation Using IRCTC Magic Autofill Form

Posted by Muji M
Magic Autofill is a tool which will be a handy thing to book tatkal tickets quickly. Actually this tool doesn’t book tickets but it helps you to complete the booking process lesser than before. Check here how it works and save your time while Tatkal time (10 AM to 12 Noon, usually this is the time where IRCTC servers are at peak) .Magic Auto fill is a bookmarklet created by Amit Agarwal.

1. First go to this website and click on “fill reservation form” button and fill all details which are necessary while booking a ticket on irctc website.

IRCTC Magic Autofill Form

2. By using this form you can book tickets for 6 adult passengers and 2 child passengers. Once you fill all the details, enter your mobile number at the end of form.

IRCTC Magic Autofill Form

3. Now click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and you will get magic auto fill bookmarklet. Drag it into your browser bookmarks tab.

4. Now open IRCTC website and navigate to booking section, click on magic autofill bookmarklet to complete ticket booking. (Here you need to do things quickly because you’ll miss tickets in seconds of time).
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